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November 7th, 2011

unfinished cherik fic for megan

Charles looks at his reflection in the tall, floor to ceiling mirror. The dark blue tux that Raven picked out for him looks more onyx than blue in the bright afternoon light filtering in through the thin lace curtains that Raven arranged to be put in his room for today and Charles sighs, squirming in his wheelchair and watching the way the light enhanced the subtle shades of blue in the dark fabric of his sleeves.
His eyes flick up and the nervousness is written plainly on his reflection’s face as it stares back at him. Charles has never really been one for indulging himself in his looks but still, regardless of how rarely he looked into mirrors, the expression on his face now is very foreign to him. It’s like seeing a blemish on a face you’ve stared at everyday, so intensely that even the tiniest dot on it would look like a huge scar to you.
He supposes it should be. It is. He is nervous, good god, he’s terrified, possibly more than he’s ever been in his life. And considering he lost his legs to a stray piece of metal that pierced his spine in a car accident, that’s saying something.
He drums his fingers against the arm rests of his chair, a nervous habit he thought he’d lost after he turned thirteen and glances at the old wall clock hanging above his dresser and he sighs again. Raven should be here to collect him in a few minutes. He hopes she comes early, he just really wants to go and get it over with, the anticipation was enough to make him feel queasy and he knows the longer he waits, the worse it gets.
All of a sudden, his door flies open and Charles turns with a start, mind already racing a mile a minute, conjuring up all the things that could possibly have or is still going wrong at the moment.
Instead of a panicked grown up though, a little boy with a shock of bright auburn hair and a myriad of freckles stands there, looking for all the world like a lost sheep. His blue eyes light up the second they land on Charles and he grins at him. “Daddy!” the little redhead yelps happily before darting across the room and to Charles side in several quick strides.
“Sean, sweetheart, what are you doing here?” Charles asks, brushing back some of Sean’s wild red curls back from his face. The gesture was familiar, a habit tied to affection for his adopted son and it brings a wave of comfort that calms Charles nerves.
“Alex is here.” Sean says with a pout. “Why is he here? I hate him.”
Charles’ eyebrows furrow and he smiles, continuing in his attempt to tame the perpetually tangled red mess on top of Sean’s head. “Hate is a very strong word darling. And why shouldn’t he be here? The Summers are really close family friends of ours.”
Sean pouts and his little nose wrinkles. “Yeah I know that and Scott is really nice and all but Alex isn’t like him. He’s mean.”
Charles’ mind briefly flits to the first two Summers children, the elder of which was a former, dear student of his and he was a very nice young man but Charles had slight doubt that his little brother Alex is not an exact replica of him when he was his age.
“Is he now?” Charles asks and Sean nods.
“He picks on me all the time. He pulls my hair, calls me names and follows me around, it’s really annoying. He wouldn’t leave me alone downstairs so I came up here to find you.”
Charles chuckles and angles his chair to face Sean who moves out of the way and adjusts himself accordingly.
“You want to know something love? I knew a little boy who was just like that when I was your age. He never pulled my hair but he was considerably mean and he followed me around all the time.”
Sean tilts his head to the side. “And what did you do to him? Did you tell on him? Did you fight him?”
“Charles, it’s time.”
Charles and Sean both look behind them to see Raven standing there in the open doorway. She looks stunning in a low cut blue dress, her hair arranged into a neat pile of elegant curls supported by rubied roses on her head. She smiles warmly at Charles when she sees him and Charles smiles back, his nervousness simultaneously lessening and getting worse. He turns back to Sean with his smile still in place.
“Actually dearest, I’m about to marry him.”
“Happily, I might add.” Raven says as she walks into the room and grabs hold of Charles’ wheelchair’s handlebars. Charles spares her a smiling glance before reaching out to Sean. “Now come along, walk daddy downstairs would you?” Sean blinks, smiles, nods and grabs onto Charles’ hand, walking along side him as Raven begins to push Charles out of the room and down the hall.
No one says anything as they take the lift that’s been installed in the mansion since Charles got paralyzed and the silence makes the tension in Charles’ nerves triple. He drums his fingers ceaselessly against the armrest of his chair and when they make it to the main floor of the mansion, Raven asks.
“Scared senseless.” Charles says with a small laugh, tilting his head back to stare up at her.
She beams down at him and kisses him on the forehead. “You know you can still back out, I’ll wheel you away and help you escape. No one would blame you, I think they’re all still a bit sceptical that you’re marrying the guy that cost you your legs.”
A strange hybrid of a smile and a slight cringe crosses Charles’ face. The subject’s been a bitter, sensitive one for a long, long time and it will always probably make him flinch a little but everyone, him included, him especially had long come to terms with it all. He wouldn’t be here right now if that isn’t the case.
“Well, we’ve come a long way from college Raven.”
Charles says as Raven pushes him out into the foyer and down the red carpet that starts at the bottom of the grand staircase that leads up to the second floor.
“I know, I know, believe me. If I didn’t, you would be locked in your room right now and Erik would have a few missing teeth and a bruise on his face the size of my fist.”
Charles laughs lightly and reaches back to touch Raven’s hand gently. Out of all the people that had been sceptical and/or disapproved of him getting back with Erik, none had been more so than Raven. She was doubly protective of him as he was of her and Charles is deeply touched by the concern no matter how big of a pain it had been. He still feels like shaking his head or pinching the bridge of his nose every time he recalls the many, many arguments they’ve had about Erik and honestly, Charles thinks it half a miracle that they ever managed to convince her not to put up a fuss about them getting married.
Charles smiles, recalling the day he told her. She’s merely looked up from the program she was watching on TV, stared at him for about 5 minutes, shrugged and said. “Alright.” He’d been beyond baffled at her extremely passive response although she’d come to terms with their relationship months prior and when he asked her about it, without looking at him she sighed heavily and said.
“Charles, I hate to admit and really, I still can’t believe I think this but….he really loves you.”