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Nothing to see here folks, just the intro of some whacked up fic involving the cast of XMFC competing in the hunger games

If that amuses you, go ahead and read XD


Three more canon shots….that’s three more dead. Swatting at random branches and trees, I blindly run through the undergrowth, hoping to slow my attacker down if not lose her completely, no matter how unlikely that would be. Sharp twigs, genetically, altered products of the capitol no doubt, scratch and claw at me but I ignore the pain, pushing forward as fast as I can. As I burst through the other side and dart down a random path cut in between the trees I try to calculate how many tributes in total were left.
The last time I checked, there were only 6 of us left: Me, Alex, Janos, Angel, That Emma chick from district 2 and Raven. Three shots just went off, meaning our numbers are just reduced to half.
Angel is chasing me so I know that there’s a 1 out of 4 chance that Alex is the only other person left standing.
Fuck. You better be fucking alive Summers. You better fucking be.
I think to myself as I jump down a steep incline and clumsily splash my way across a shallow creek. My heart pounds against my chest at the thought of Alex being dead but I shake my head and try to push it to the very back on my head. If I think of anything else now, I might end up dead. I chance a glance behind me just in time to see Angel burst through the trees, axe still in hand. Her eyes zero in on mine the second I look behind me and I curse, turning forward and urging my legs to run as fast as I can push them.It doesn’t take long before I hear her footsteps pounding on the ground behind me, fast and way too loud for my liking.
God fucking dammit. Out of all the people that could be chasing me right now, why does it have to be the girl who practically fucking flies when she runs?!
I ask wishing for the millionth time that Shaw was getting his eyes gouged out in hell for stabbing me in the back of the thigh a few days ago. If I wasn’t injured, the chances of me outrunning Angel would be a hell of a lot higher. Hell, If I wasn’t injured I wouldn’t be running from her at all.
As if emphasizing that point, I stumble and fall to my knees, scrambling to get up as soon as I hit the ground. I manage to stand up right away and keep running but now my wrist burns like a hot coal was just shoved in between my bones.
“Stupid. Sprained. Wrist” I mutter through my teeth. God dammit. Just goddamn everything. Even if my leg is injured I know I could still probably take Angel but seriously, with a sprained wrist the least I can probably do is slow her down a second.


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Nov. 1st, 2011 12:53 pm (UTC)
I’ve been into blogging for quite some time and this is definitely a great post.Cheers!

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